Climate Change and Energy Management

In response to climate change and the implementation of green operations, Phison conducts GHG emissions inventory annually and continues to make progress towards our GHG reduction target through various energy savings programs.
In 2021, the scope 1& scope 2 carbon emission verified by ISO14064-1 is 11,332.44 metric tons CO2e, and the total 15,614.59 metric tons CO2e for Scope 1, scope 2 and scope3, please refer to the table below for details.
The company plans to disclose risks and opportunities related to climate change in accordance with the TCFD framework in 2023, linking climate risks to corporate governance and strengthening the disclosure of the sustainability report.

Greenhouse Gas Management

Statistics of Energy Consumption

To review and improve our energy usage efficiency, the Company inventories our energy consumption amount every year. In 2021, the Company's total energy consumption was 80,595 GJ, and our energy use intensity was 1.288 GJ per million dollars of revenue. Our energy use intensity has decreased by 4.47% from the previous year.
Since 2021, the Company has been purchasing renewable energy (electricity generated from wind power) in order to actively respond to the call for emissions reduction. In order to carry out our energy transformation in a steady pace and to reduce the GHG emissions during operations, we aim to purchase 1% of our total electricity consumption at the beginning, and increase the amount to 3% by 2023, 10% by 2025, and 20% by 2030.