Human Rights

In accordance with internationally recognized human rights standards such as the International Bill of Human Rights, International Labor Organization Declaration of Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work, and Ten Principles of the United Nations Global Compact, Phison formulated its Human Rights Policy in 2020, and take actions in line with the Code of Conduct of the Responsible Business Alliance, thus treating all employees, contract and temporary personnel, and interns with dignity and respect.

The Corporate Sustainability Management Committee is the Company's highest guiding unit in charge of human rights issues and the promotion of human rights protection. The daily human rights work is carried out by the HR department and the infirmary according to their nature. In addition to every employee must complete online human rights education and training every year, we also hold physical seminars to let employees clearly understand the dimensions of illegal infringements in the workplace and the appeal channels. In addition, we use human rights due diligence and internal human rights audits to evaluate the status of the implementation of human rights policies. At the same time, we provide a large number of physical and mental health activities and EAPs programs to help employees achieve a work-life balance.

Phison's human rights policy stipulates that child labor and forced labor are prohibited; that unlawful discrimination shall be eliminated; that equal job opportunities shall be ensured; that a communicative work environment shall be created for employees; that an open management model shall be established; that a safe and healthy work environment shall be provided; that employees shall be offered supports to maintain their physical and mental health and work-life balance; and that relevant systems and measures shall be regularly reviewed and evaluated. We are committed to eliminating any unlawful discriminations on the basis of gender, sexual orientation, race, nationality, religion, political affiliation, age, marital status, socioeconomic status, family condition, physical and mental disabilities, and appearance, thereby ensuring the equal rights of employees and their right to have a dignified job.

Human rights due diligence process

To implement our human rights policy, Phison adopts the human rights due diligence procedure. Following this procedure, we collect relevant human rights issues to be selected and evaluated based on their materiality, implement preventive and relief measures, and finally make adjustments and continually improve our due diligence based on the feedback, thereby fulfilling corporate social responsibilities.
In addition, every year, our internal RBA responsible unit conducts one internal human rights audit in accordance with the latest RBA Code of Conduct, and reports the results to the Corporate Social Sustainability Committee, so that our management can understand the implementation and performance of our human rights policy.
According to our human rights audit in 2020, the compliance rate was 86%. We have proposed plans within the time limit to improve on the weaknesses found in relevant responsible units. In the coming year, we will be committed to improving human rights and continuing to aim for 100% compliance in the internal human rights audit, so as to promote the well-being of employees.
This year, the number of people receiving human rights training (prevention of unlawful infringements, the zero tolerance policy for unlawful infringements, prevention of workplace violence) was 1,718 people, with a total of 1,177.5 hours, and the coverage rate was 78.88%.

Human rights risk matrix

Human Rights Appeal Channel

Phison has established the Regulations Governing Internal and External Communication and Complaint and Report Management, which is applicable to Phison's employees and external personnel having a business relationship with or stake in Phison. If the aforementioned personnel suffer or detect any unlawful infringement of rights, discriminations, improper punishments, violations of ethical management and conduct, violations of privacy and intellectual property rights, or other relevant matters, they may file complaints through the existing channels in which the complainants' names shall be provided, or through our new anonymous feedback box. All complaints will be reported to the representative of the Corporate Sustainability Committee immediately, followed by the investigation in due course. All complaint cases must be approved by the representative before closing. By providing diversified complaint channels and ensuring their smooth operation, we hope to effectively recover the damages to victims' rights and interests, and identify and mitigate potential human rights risks in our operations ahead of time.