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Materiality Assessment
At Phison, we care about our shareholders' voices and are committed to integrating shareholder feedback into our company policies through more timely and transparent communication channels in order to respond to social expectations and fulfil our corporate social responsibilities. The Company follows AA1000 Stakeholder Engagements Standard (AA1000 SES) and looks to domestic and foreign sustainable development trends. Following the three main principles of identification, analysis, and confirmation, the Company identified 6 major stakeholders and, based on GRI Standards, 8 material topics by analyzing how much main stakeholders pay attention to economic, social, and environmental issues and the level of impact that the Company's operation has on the economy, society, and the environment.

Identification: Inclusivity

After consideration, the Company's Corporate Sustainable Development Committee identifies 6 types of major stakeholders and 19 categories of sustainable themes by referencing the stakeholder questionnaire of 2019, the feedback derived from communication with stakeholders in the past year, the sustainable trends at home and abroad, and the requirements of the competent authorities.

Analysis: Materiality

Following GRI Standards and using the feedback on the stakeholder questionnaires, media coverage contents, and contents identified against laws, along with discussions and motions from the Corporate Sustainable Development Committee, the Company identified 8 material themes based on the extent of how each theme concerns stakeholders and how each theme impacts the economy, society, and the environment.

Determination: Responsiveness

There are 19 themes in the 2021 Material Issue Matrix, and the Company eventually settled on 8 major themes. Compared to the previous year, "Innovation Management", "Risk Management", and "Green Products" are added while "Compliance" and "Waste & Hazardous Substances Management" were changed into a mildly material theme and a moderately material theme, respectively, using the materiality analysis.

<span>5</span> Economic Issues

5 Economic Issues

<span>5</span> Environmental Issues

5 Environmental Issues

<span>7</span> Social Issues

7 Social Issues

International Standards:
GRI Standards, Sustainable Development Goals, and Responsible Business Alliance
Sustainable Investment Assessment: Dow Jones Sustainability Index, Morgan Stanley Capital International
Peers in Semiconductor Industry: collect the sustainable information from the company selected in sustainable investment assessment


We used multiple methods to know the level of concern by stakeholders. There was a total of 1,100 stakeholders participating in the survey, including 1063 employees, 19 customers, 18 suppliers, and 1 shareholders / investors
<span>7</span>Material issues

7Material issues

Based on the level of concern by stakeholders and the degree of business impact and external impact, we determined 7 material issues, and will disclose relevant management approach and goals according to these in corporate sustainability report.
Phison Electronics Materiality Matrix
Stakeholder Communication & Results
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Stakeholder Contact Information

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