Pua Khein Seng, CEO Phison Electronics Crop.

Sustainable development is the guiding principle of Phison Electronics. Promoting the shared prosperity of society and the environment through hard work and leading technologies has been the core value of Phison Electronics since the day it was founded.


In the pursuit of profit and growth, corporations must also pay attention to environmental protection, social responsibility, and corporate governance. Since its establishment, Phison Electronics has not only strived to develop its business, but also worked hard to maintain good relationships with stakeholders and pursue sustainable development through social participation and fulfilling its responsibilities as a corporate citizen.


2021 is a challenging year to the world and Phison alike, in that multiple factors interplayed to impact the direction and momentum of market growth: the persistent disasters brought by the COVID-19 pandemic; the overwhelming change in living patterns of mankind as a result of soaring demands for digital transformation driven by the pandemic, trade war, and shortage of semiconductor supplies; and particularly the world's re-examination of the importance of the semiconductor industry and supply chain. Phison will also continue close cooperation with global clients to create common prosperity.

Business Performance

Through its status as an industry leader and leading technology, Phison Electronics' annual revenue reached a record high of NT$62.557 billion in 2021. Such a brilliant business performance not only attests to Phison's success in transformation and Phison staff's common efforts, but also lays a solid foundation for business sustainable development. 


In addition to ranking 4th at the IC design category in the CommonWealth Magazine Top 2000 Survey for 2021, Phison has also received from clients and the global media the various awards, including Best in SSD Controllers, the Best Memory Technology Partner and the Best Controller Innovation Award, attesting to Phison's solid technological strength. With its most cutting edge NAND controller technology, Phison will fight globally to attain another operational achievement.

Corporate Governance

It has always been the goal of Phison Electronics to establish a comprehensive corporate governance system as the foundation of the its sustainable future. In 2021, Phison Electronics held 12 Board meetings (with a 98.10% average attendance rate of Directors) and established 2 female independent directors (accounting for 25% of all board members and higher than the proportion of female directors in Taiwan's public companies) to implement corporate governance and gender equality. 


In addition, in 2021, Phison also appointed its first Chief Corporate Governance Officer to ensure shareholders' interest and enhance the Board of Directors' functions; Phison also established its Risk Management Committee and Corporate Sustainable Development Committee (both are a functional committee subordinate to the Board of Directors) and commenced the sustainable risk assessment of tier 1 suppliers, so as to continue to implement an open, ethical, efficient, and sustainable governance structure.

Environmental Protection

Phison Electronics completed the construction of phase 5 new buildings in November 2021 to expand its research and development space. Not only did Phison Electronics incorporate green building design into the phase 5 offices, but it also strived to reduce energy and resource consumption throughout the construction process by increasing the greening of the construction site, storing and utilizing rain water, recycling water from daily miscellaneous uses, and using green building materials. 


Furthermore, Phison joined the RE 10x10 Enterprise Initiative Program initiated by Greenpeace, signed the RE 10x10 Climate Declaration, and thereby committed to the goal of "transitioning at least 10% of total energy consumption to green electricity by 2025". With the support from the management team, Phison has been topping each year's budget for purchase of green electricity, in the hope that the purchase of green electricity will account for 20% of total electricity consumption by 2030, and that in doing so Phison can make its humble contribution to the Earth's sustainability. 


In 2021, Phison kick started its "Coastal Forest Restoration Long-term Program" and planted 1,000 trees; this program will continue in 2022. In addition, Phison launched two in-plant energy-conservation projects, saving an estimated 421,257 kWh of electricity, equivalent to 211,471 Kg of CO2 emissions. Phison also obtained its first ISO 14064-1 Greenhouse Gas certification from an independent third party. These efforts represent that Phison, while pursuing business growth, also continually attends to the issue of global warming and does its part to make the environment and the Earth a better place through concrete actions to conserve energy and reduce emissions.

Social Participation

While pursuing development, profit, and growth, Phison Electronics remains committed to its intentions to give back to society. In 2021, Phison raised more than NT$15 million worth of donated materials and funds; it also kicks started its five-year assistance program, namely "Fun to Go to Schools", to contribute its humble efforts for social stability and common good. 


Good work environment, compensation, and benefits is the way to build long-term development with employees. As such, in 2021, Phison for the first time commissioned external consultants to conduct an employee opinion survey. The results featured an employee engagement rate of 78%, which was higher than the 74% for the global technology industry, and also higher than the 76% for Taiwan's general industry. In 2021, Phison spent NTD3.09 million holding 606 sessions of training courses, for which the satisfaction score averaged 94.2 points. The average training hours per employee was 47.3 hours, up 34.1% from last year. All of the figures and results attest to Phison's commitment to building a happy enterprise. Phison will uphold our core corporate value to fight for the common good and sustainable development for employees, suppliers, customers, partners, the society, and the Earth.