Pua Khein Seng, CEO Phison Electronics Crop.

Sustainable development is the guiding principle of Phison Electronics. Promoting the shared prosperity of society and the environment through hard work and leading technologies has been the core value of Phison Electronics since the day it was founded.


In the pursuit of profit and growth, corporations must also pay attention to environmental protection, social responsibility, and corporate governance. Since its establishment, Phison Electronics has not only strived to develop its business, but also worked hard to maintain good relationships with stakeholders and pursue sustainable development through social participation and fulfilling its responsibilities as a corporate citizen.


2020 has been a challenging year for Phison Electronics and the rest of the world. In addition to the disastrous COVID-19 pandemic, the way the pandemic has changed people’s lifestyles and impacted society and the environment is no doubt an issue the world must face and reflect upon together.

Business Performance

Through its status as an industry leader and leading technology, Phison Electronics’ annual revenue reached record heights of NT$48.5 billion in 2020. Such an outstanding performance is not only a testament to the hard work of everyone at Phison Electronics, but also a clear display of how the Company’s unique operation model is able to ride the waves of the volatile memory storage industry and build a strong foundation for sustainable development.

Corporate Governance

It has always been the goal of Phison Electronics to establish a comprehensive corporate governance system as the foundation of the its sustainable future. In 2020, Phison Electronics held 14 Board meetings (with a 98.05% average attendance rate of Directors) and established 2 female independent directors (accounting for 22% of all board members and higher than the proportion of female directors in Taiwan’s public companies) to implement corporate governance and gender equality. In addition, the Company established “Ethical Corporate Management Best Practice Principles” and “Rules for Board of Directors Performance Assessments” and officially introduced the Security Scorecard information security system in August 2019 (the Company achieved an A rating in 2020), not only implementing an open, ethical, and efficient governance structure, but also continuing to upgrade and strengthen information security.

Environmental Protection

Phison Electronics began construction of new phase V offices in March 2020 to expand its research and development space. Not only did Phison Electronics incorporate green building design into the phase V offices, but it also strived to reduce energy and resource consumption throughout the construction process by increasing the greening of the construction site, storing and utilizing rain water, recycling water from daily miscellaneous uses, and using green building materials.


 Furthermore, the water and electricity consumption intensity and emissions intensity of Phison Electronics in 2020 have de - creased compared to the previous year, indicating that the Company has improved its energy and resource efficiency. Phison Electronics launched two energy-saving programs this year, conserving an estimated 12,021 kWh of electricity. These efforts represent Phison Electronics’ commitment to pursue business development but also pay continued attention to the issue of global warming and do its part to make the environment and the earth a better place through concrete actions to conserve energy and reduce emissions.

Social Participation

While pursuing development, profit, and growth, Phison Electronics remains committed to its intentions to give back to society. In 2020, the Company donated nearly NT$16 million of funds and in-kind giving, with up to 26 relevant donations and collaborative partners. Phison Electronics also did its part to contribute to social stability and shared prosperity, caring for disadvantaged families during the pandemic and raised NT$830 thousand for the “Epidemic-Prevention Resource Donation Drive” of the Taiwan Fund for Children and Families. The money raised is expected to help nearly 2000 young children in 1100 families.


Good work environment, compensation, and benefits is the way to build long-term development with employees. Therefore, in 2020, Phison Electronics finished converting to the new version of the “ISO 45001 Occupational Safety and Health Management System” to create a healthy and safe work environment. The Company distributed a special 20 year anniversary bonus of NT$15 thousand and allocated NT$110 million for project incentive bonuses. The Company also spent approximately NT$3.6 million on annual education and training, which includes a total of 191 physical classes (the 173 classes surveyed had an average satisfaction score of 94 out of 100). The Company is committed to building a happy workplace and continuing to work hard towards a sustainable future.