Risk Management

The Company develops emergency response measures and procedures for various situations such as fires, earthquakes, typhoons, power outages, water restrictions, chemical leakage, cargo abnormalities, information interruptions, suspicious mail or parcels, suspicious person intrusion, strikes, supply chain abnormalities, laboratory safety, etc. We set up a response team and formulate the operation content of emergency response measures. In addition, we regularly conduct contingency training to increase our colleagues’ crisis awareness, and fill in the drill review record to help improve emergency response capability.
Phison Electronics actively manages various risks and implements risk mitigation measures. For potential risks that are not yet significant, the Company also identifies and develops response plans early on. This year, the Company identified two emerging risks, namely "public health" and "information security". Measures to manage and control these risks are listed below.

Risks and Management/Control Strategies

Climate Change Risk Assessment and Management

Internal audit

Phison Electronics carries out internal audits according to the "Regulations Governing Establishment of Internal Control Systems by Public Companies" and other relevant laws or regulations, establishing an "auditing office" that reports directly to the Board of Directors.
The auditing office mainly assists the Board and managers to examine and review weaknesses in the Company's internal control system and measure the effectiveness and efficiency of operations. The auditing office also provides recommendations on improvements in a timely manner to ensure the continued and effective execution of the internal control system.

Internal Auditing Process