Green Operation

Phison is committed to environmental sustainability, continually promoting green designs and green supply chains to produce energy-efficient products and operations with lower emissions. Furthermore, we expect to develop a sustainable future with our stakeholders.

Giving Back to Society

Phison adheres to the philosophy "take from society, give back to society." Therefore, we develop our strategies of social investment in pursuit of common good by leveraging our core businesses in combination with internal and external resources, and committing to five social work themes, namely "support for students", "support for the disadvantaged", "environmental protection", "community care", and "social innovation." In doing so, we hope to use our specialties to help solve social issues and exert Phison's unique social impact.

Trust and Transparency

Phison values long-term sustainable operations. By building a comprehensive corporate governance structure, we strengthened the transparency or our corporate governance and increased mutual trust and understanding with stakeholders, driving a virtuous cycle in the supply chain of relevant industries to gather strength and take action to better society.