In view of the trend of global warming, the world has put forward possible climate change mitigation strategies, among which the "nature-based solution (NBS)" has attracted much attention. It is expected to accelerate the process of "Net Zero" through carbon sinks such as forests, oceans, and soils.

In 2022, Phison donated NT$480,000 to cooperate with the Luodong Forest District Office(羅東林管處) in the afforestation project. A total of 3,750 trees of Lithocarpus hancei(三斗石礫), Quercus stenophylloides(狹葉高山櫟) , and Quercus morii(森氏櫟) were planted on a 2.5-hectare afforestation land within Heping area of the 2022 state-owned forest reservation plan of the Luodong Forest District Office.

On the road to sustainability, coexistence, and co-prosperity, the whole world is a team. Phison expects to establish a multi-partnership through this afforestation project, and work together to promote the sustainable vision.