In response to global climate change and its emphasis on renewable energy, Phison Electronics has started to purchase renewable energy since 2021. This year, we signed a ten-year renewable energy purchase agreement with Foxwell Power. In addition, we joined the "RE 10x10 Enterprise Initiative Program" and signed the RE 10x10 climate declaration, jointly committing to " at least 10% of total electricity consumption will use renewable electricity by 2025".

RE 10x10 is a Taiwanese renewable energy initiative promoted by the Greenpeace, an international environmental protection organization, since 2020. This plan follows the spirit of RE 100 and is committed to promoting energy transformation globally, accelerating the development of renewable energy and reducing greenhouse gas emissions from burning fossil fuels.

Phison is devoted to ESG and the sustainability of the earth. We not only established a Corporate Sustainable Development Committee, but also began to attach importance to environmental issues. In the future, we will achieve our carbon reduction goals by continuing to reduce carbon emissions within the company and purchase renewable electricity from outside. Through continuous implementation of carbon reduction projects from the inside out, and in line with government policies and the footsteps of NGOs, we will jointly achieve the goal of "carbon neutrality", do our part for the planet, and fulfill our corporate social responsibilities.