Phison Electronics Corp. has positively built a healthy workplace, seeing employees' as the important stakeholders. The company has provided employees health examination prior to the laws to track their health regularly, finding physical problems earlier to treat. The company has paid 6.8 million for the employees' gastroenterology system service provided by Liver Disease Prevention & Treatment Research Foundation.

Phison Has Paid 6.8m to Protect Staff Health

The engineer in the technical industry usually ignore the physical indicator due to their work. However, Phison Electronics Corp. has left no effort on caring their employees’ health. Since 2008, the company has cooperated with Liver Disease Prevention & Treatment Research Foundation, providing gastroenterology testing (for example: abdominal ultrasound, cancer indicator blood draw, helicobacter pylori test). The company paid 938.3 thousand NTD with 855 employee benefiting from its last year in order to figure out their physical problems and assist further test and track.

Response to 728 World Hepatitis Day, Promote the Civil Health

Liver disease is the top 10 cause of disease. To response to World Hepatitis Day, the company has kept donating to relative organization since 2007 with 5.3 million to Liver Disease Prevention & Treatment Research Foundation, and 11million to Taiwan Health Foundation. The company hopes to engage in health promotion and disease prevention by the power of these foundation’s impact-liver disease prevention, treatment service, and promotion.

4 Strategic Action to Create a Health Workplace

  • Annual Health Screening

The company has provided the free labour health screen for those having worked for 1 year. Regarding to importance and necessity, the company offers other exam prior to the law and regulation. Then, according to the result, the company will arrange health consultation and tracking. Moreover, to those exposing to special hazard, the company offers special physical test, such as: lead/ionizing radiation checkups.

  • Subsidy for physical examination

The company has signed the cooperation plan with medical center. The employees are able to arrange further physical examination for their family members and themselves.

  • Health Management

The company holds smoking cessation activities, healthy weight loss campaigns, vaccination, blood donation, and other health lectures irregularly. Furthermore, the company will arrange medical monthly with health consultation service. What’s more, the sports club will receive the sponsor from company for the purpose of cultivating employees to monitor self-health.

  • Emergency Disease Management and Health Service

The company employs a nursing staff, prepare first aid kit, medical refrigerator, height/weight scale…etc. Also, the company is equipped with AEF to improve the emergency rescue quality and efficiency.

As the company promote the employees’ health, there is a synergy for working performance. The company expects to offer an healthy working environment, impacts the society, responses to World Hepatitis Day, and further decrease the hazards of liver disease.