Every year on April 22 is Earth Day, which is a festival specially set up for the environmental protection. We plan to organize four environmentally friendly hand-made activities in 2021. The first one is held on Earth Day.

The design concept of the activities is "Mix the moss with the seasonal plants to become the most refreshing scenery in Phison's daily life." The moss ball plant pot is not limited, and it can even be hung from the ceiling. It has the function of intercepting airborne dust particles and purifying the toxic volatile HCHO.

During the activities, participants are provided material kits and delicious meals. We also take this opportunity to convey environmental knowledge and deepened our employees’ environmental awareness.

Four hand-made activities cost nearly 400,000 NTD, and a total of 480 employees participate in this “Go Green” action. It is hoped that through the process of hand-made, multiple environmental issues will be promoted and more specific eco-friendly actions will be implemented. 

What is Earth Day?

It is an environmental protection activity that started on American campuses in 1970. It begins to become international in 1990s. The focus of Earth Day 2021 is “Restore Our Earth”.