The climate change crisis has long been a topic of global concern. In order to slow down the warming trend, governments and companies have successively committed to “net zero”. In addition to the well-known category 1 (direct emissions) and category 2 (imported energy), the scope of net zero also covers category 3 (transportation), category 4(products used), category 5 (use of products) and category 6 (other sources). 

Although Phison is not the high electricity user announced by the Ministry of Economic Affairs, we also actively contribute to SDG13: Climate Action. Apart from obtaining ISO 14064-1 greenhouse gas verification for the first time this year, we have also started a one-year cooperation plan with UPS. The way of cooperation is to estimate the carbon emissions generated during the transportation (based on number and weight of shipping boxes delivered by UPS), and then UPS helps to offset these carbon emissions by investing in global environmental conservation activities, which thereby indirectly reducing our category 3 carbon emissions. 

Carbon neutral is a continuous and dynamic process. In the future, Phison will continue to increase the proportion of renewable energy use, implement energy-saving projects and participate in climate-related initiatives, so as to connect all parties to build a sustainable home.