As a global semiconductor industry leader, Phison believes that respecting human rights and promoting a decent work environment are important to the Company and the supply chain. The COVID-19 pandemic continues to present grave challenges, and in addition to maintaining the workplace safety of its own employees, PHISON issued a statement "Supply Chain Partners Should Ensure Protection of Human Rights During the COVID-19 Pandemic" in October 2021 so that our subsidiaries and supply chain partners carry out anti-pandemic measures in an appropriate fashion. To provide migrant workers with a decent work environment and to create a responsible supply chain, the statement addresses four major areas: personal freedoms, how migrant workers are informed of anti-pandemic measures, handling of accidents and casualties, and dormitory management.

Enhancing Labor Rights for the Common Good

Phison is a defender of labor rights, and whether during a pandemic or not, all supply chain partners are required to follow the PHISON’s Human Rights Policy, Phison Supplier Code of Conduct, the Responsible Business Alliance Code of Conduct, and the United Nations Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights. Supply chain partners employing migrant laborers are required to follow the pandemic-related regulations of their jurisdictions, and carry out the items in Phison’s statement. Phison issued the statement through our supply chain platform to encourage our 192 suppliers around the world to follow regulations and work together for the common good.

Phison Subsidiary and Supply Chain Partner Migrant Human Rights Regulations

  • The entry and exit regulations for migrant workers shall not exceed the freedom of personal movement, and shall not restrict the private and legal activities of migrant workers in their spare time.
  • Do not restrict the social behavior of migrant workers in compliance with epidemic prevention norms and regulations, such as chatting or meeting with others.
  • Reward mechanisms can be used to encourage migrant workers to comply with relevant regulations on epidemic prevention, but wage deductions should not be used as a disciplinary measure.
  • You must follow the relevant publicity announcements of the local government on epidemic prevention, and publicize the migrant workers, and there must be no exaggeration, speculation or even threats.
  • In case of migrant accidents and casualties, the handling methods should comply with relevant laws and regulations and respect relatives, including arrangements for medical treatment and remains.
  • The management of the migrant dormitory must comply with the relevant regulations of the area where the migrant worker is located, and respect the right to choose residence of the migrant worker, and shall not move his or her personal belongings without consent.
  • A tidy and comfortable living space should be provided, and the personal living space in the dormitory should not be less than the local regulations.

Inspections of Working Environments and Dormitories

To broaden communication channels, Phison will translate its statement “Supply Chain Partners Should Ensure Protection of Human Rights During the COVID-19 Pandemic” to migrant workers’ native languages in October 2021, and inspect the working environment and dormitories of domestic supply chain partners employing migrant workers before the end of the year; those who do not meet standards will be required make improvements within a set schedule.