Phison has stumbled heads a lot. The achievement nowadays attributes to the efforts of all employees and supports from countless benefactors in crises. Thus, as Phison got profited, the company has given back to society and fulfill social responsibilities.

 – Chairman Khein Seng Pua

Due to the efforts of our governments and citizens, the epidemic has been ebbing. The high awareness and support of Taiwan citizen contributes to no locally infected case. The prevention effectiveness is a learning object. At the same time, the impact of virus hits the economically disadvantaged families in Taiwan.

Phison called for an anti-epidemic donation. The amount reached to 830,000

With the values of “Take from society, give back to society”, the IC company, Phison (hereinafter referred to as the company), has participated in charitable events, assisting underprivileged groups. Under the pandemic, the company contacted Taiwan Fund for Children and Families(TFCF), knowing that there were many economically disadvantaged families in Miaoli region suffering from the impact of virus. As a result, the company called for a donation with total amount of donation reaching to 830 thousand NTD. This movement was expected to provide support to over 1,100 families to overcame the economic challenge.

Yi-An Dental Clinic, Dr. Hsueh responded donation with 70,000 NTD

Except for the kind donation from employees, Yi-An Dental Clinic responded to the call of the anti-epidemic donation project. As Dr. Hsueh learned of this project, he expressed a willingness to support donation project to assist economically disadvantaged family, hoping they can overcome this dilemma and improve the situation.