Except for Phison Electronics, Miaoli Government calls for other 2 companies to participate in these donation activities with 3 million to basketball teams in 3 local school. It is in the hope of upgrading sport facilities and supporting competition participation fees. The most important is to cultivate local athletes. Totally, there were 100 students in basketball teams were benefited from this.

Due to the urban-rural gap in Miaoli, the resources is less than the first-tier cities. The company is in good relationship with Miaoli government and has concerned local issues related to environmental protection, education, safety, and disadvantaged groups. Therefore, to response to the invitation from Miaoli government, the company donated one millions to Ming-Ren middle school, Da-Luen middle school, and Miaoli Senior Commercial Vacation School with for the purpose of improving training environment.

Ming-Ren middle school and Da-Luen middle school has set the record with going through quarter-final in JHBL with 7 champions. What’s more, they won the male-group and female-group champion in 2018. Besides, Miaoli Senior Commercial Vacation School has gone through quarter-final for 6 years. This makes Miaoli Senior Commercial Vacation School awarded as prominent school of basic athlete training by government. 

The county mayor Xu encouraged these students to fight again for the national champion and encourage the Da-Luen team can win the great award from 2020 U15 Baseball World Cup as the representative of Taiwan.