In December, the streets and alleys are full of warm and festive atmosphere, and it is the most anticipated Christmas of the year! On this day, the Phison Volunteer Service Team led by Phison Electronics’ chairman K.S.Pua deliberately took time out of their busy work to prepare Christmas gifts for children in remote areas.

This year Phison Electronics continued to respond to the IC Voice Christmas Shoebox event, and prepared a total of 245 gifts. In 2020, when the COVID-19 epidemic broke out, in order to remind everyone to pay attention to epidemic prevention, wash hands frequently and use alcohol for disinfection, this year's Christmas shoe box specially prepared alcohol wet wipes so that children can pay attention to hand hygiene at any time. In addition, in the winter when flu is prone to occur, in order to reduce the chance of everyone catching a cold, the volunteer service team also prepared water cups and socks to remind everyone to drink more warm water to keep warm.

Phison’s chairman K.S.Pua said that Phison was born in Taiwan and grew up in Taiwan. If there was no complete industrial supply chain in Taiwan 20 years ago, there would be no Phison today. Therefore, Phison upholds corporate social responsibility and cares for the disadvantaged groups in Taiwan for a long time. The accumulated charity donation has so far exceeded NT$200 million. I hope to do our best to make more children and disadvantaged groups feel the warmth of society.

K.S.Pua also pointed out that schoolchildren are the hope of Taiwan's future, and the resources in remote villages are relatively scarce. Therefore, it is hoped that through the way of sending love around the island, more enterprises and social benevolent people will be attracted to join the grand event, so that the resource gap between urban and rural areas will gradually narrow. In addition, I also hope that through this practical method, we will have the opportunity to educate all students in Taiwan, so that when they grow up in the future, they can one day contribute what they can and give back to society.