Recently, the COVID-19 epidemic has been heating up. Not only have medical staff and medical institutions continue to improve the level of epidemic prevention, but various public places and public transportation systems have also stepped-up announcements to promote epidemic prevention measures, including wearing masks throughout the journey, prohibiting eating and drinking on public transportation. With the increasing number of local cases of COVID-19, Phison Electronics (8299TT) supported medical care and donated professional medical-grade Hyper-Light-Disinfection Robot to Taoyuan Landseed International Hospital (桃園壢新醫院) and Hsinchu Mackay Hospital (新竹馬偕醫院), hoping to prevent the epidemic.

Taoyuan Mayor Wen-Tsan Cheng (鄭文燦市長) pointed out at the donation ceremony on February 4th that he has known Phison’s chairman K.S.Pua for many years. In recent years, Phison’s growth is obvious to all. Therefore, I specially invited K.S.Pua to help and donate sterilization robots this time, which not only represents the unity of the government, hospitals, and private enterprises to jointly promote epidemic prevention, but also hopes to strengthen the quality of protection of medical staff. 

Shun-Lung Weng (翁順隆院長), Dean of Hsinchu Mackay Hospital, stated at the donation ceremony on February 5 that Phison Chairman K.S.Pua has long been concerned about the health of employees and has long-term cooperation and interaction with Hsinchu Mackay Hospital. The medical-grade sterilization equipment donated by Phison will substantially improve the protection level of Hsinchu Mackay Hospital, so that people in Hsinchu and Miaoli and Phison employees can obtain a higher level of medical and epidemic prevention services.

K.S.Pua, Chairman of Phison, donated medical-grade Hyper-Light-Disinfection Robot to Hsinchu Mackay Hospital

K.S.Pua, Chairman of Phison, pointed out that since the spread of COVID-19 in 2020, Phison has been very concerned about issues related to this infectious disease, especially for the pressure faced by our medical staff and medical institutions. The professional medical-grade Hyper-Light-Disinfection Robot donated this time can not only inhibit the regeneration function of germs, but also further protect patients and medical staff from the threat of infection, effectively strengthen medical care and improve medical quality.