Phison Electronics, a leading manufacturer of NAND flash controller ICs and storage solutions integration services provider, understands the importance of storage technology to police units, and generously donates 350 SSDs to Taiwan police college, hoping to improve educational administrative quality.

Storage technology is vital to the video surveillance system and business system that assist police in handling cases. Starting from the world's first single-chip (SoC) USB flash drive controller ICs, Phison Electronics, a leader in the field of storage technology, also sees the needs of police units. Chairman K.S. Pua donated 350 SSDs to Taiwan Police College and helped to install them in the computer mainframes of office buildings and teaching classrooms, greatly improving the quality of police education and administration.

SSD has become the mainstream of computer mainframe storage. Compared with traditional hard disks (HDD), SSDs are not only durable, lower energy consumption, lower risk of damage, but also can extend battery life. Taiwan police college also thanks Phison Electronics for understanding that storage technology is an irreplaceable part of police investigation and handling of criminal cases, and is willing to help improve the school's administrative efficiency and teaching quality.