Phison continues to pay attention to disadvantaged groups and fulfill its corporate social responsibility (CSR). Today (12/2), it donated NT$500,000 to Yu An Intellectually Challenged Children's Home Miaoli (苗栗幼安教養院) to help purchase the Yu An mobile service car to help those who need to receive early treatment and education services. Children and disadvantaged groups who are unable to receive effective treatment in time due to weak parental functions, remote family location or restricted traffic environment, can use the Yu An mobile service car (幼安行動服務專車) to get timely assistance and connect with external resources. 

Yu An Intellectually Challenged Children's Home Miaoli has undertaken case management of early treatment and nursing in Miaoli and Tongyuan areas since 2001, serving 350 early treatment children. Prior to this, Tongxiao (通霄) and Yuanli (苑里) did not have day services for adults with disabilities, and the resources were obviously lacking. In particular, people with disabilities can only watch TV at home after graduating from a special education school, resulting in reduced social stimulation and facing social problems such as rapid degradation. Therefore, Yu An Intellectually Challenged Children's Home Miaoli has successively undertaken the day-time community-style day service deployment plan for the disabled in Tongxiao (通霄) area since 2019, and has already served 11 disabled cases so far. However, due to the vast area of Tongyuan (通苑), there are still many cases of disability that cannot be reached by childcare services without the assistance of transportation. After understanding such problems, Phison specifically donated the Yu An mobile service car so that more disadvantaged groups and individuals can receive appropriate assistance and medical resources.


In the donation ceremony, Antonio Yu, Chief Operating Officer of Phison Electronics, stated that Phison and Yu An Intellectually Challenged Children's Home Miaoli have been in contact for 12 years since 2009. In the past three years, the average donation is about NT$400,000 to NT$500,000 each year, and a total of NT$4.2 million has been donated so far. Although this amount may not be large, it is the heart of all employees of Phison Electronics. It is hoped that by assisting the disadvantaged groups in Miaoli to fulfill Phison's corporate social responsibility (CSR), it will also attract more companies to participate in the grand event and jointly create the vision of a happy Taiwan.