Phison has been promoting the " Coastal Forest Restoration Long-term Program " since 2021, and it is now entering its third year. A total of 3,000 trees that are resistant to wind, sand burial, flooding and salt (such as Yellow Hibiscus, Pandanus tectorius, and Casuarina etc.) have been planted on the adopted offshore land.

Planting time


Number of trees planted


Dayuan and Guanyin District of Taoyuan City



Hexing and Guogang area, Houlong Township, Miaoli County



Guogang area, Houlong Township, Miaoli County


The rainy season is the most suitable season for the growth of newly planted trees. This year, the offshore tree planting event jointly organized by Phison and Tse-Xin Organic Agriculture Foundation’s(TOAF) was held on April 22, the day of Earth Day. Under the leadership of our senior supervisor, Phison’s volunteers went to the seaside of Houlong, Miaoli, and followed the professional guidance of TOAF’s volunteers to plant the water-storing tree planters. A total of nearly 1,000 trees were planted on site. We expect to form a forest within three years through planting of trees, hoping to safeguard Taiwan’s coastal line and conserve our land from draining.

From planting trees, growing trees to finally becoming a forest, Phison hopes to use this program to contribute to SDG14: LIFE BELOW WATER, integrating corporate resources to deepen social impact and fulfill corporate social responsibility.