RBA/EICC was established in 2004 to establish a standardized code of conduct for social responsibility in the global supply chain. The Code consists of a series of basic norms covering labor and recruitment, health and safety, environmental responsibility, management systems and ethics. 

In the current trend of attaching importance to corporate social responsibility in various countries, obtaining RBA VAP has long been regarded as an indicator that enterprises attach importance to social responsibility. In order to meet the expectations of brand customers and consumers, Phison Electronics Corp. has checked the compliance and implementation of internal systems through RBA VAP verification. In April 2022, it was the first IC design company in Taiwan to obtain the RBA VAP silver certificate. 

Phison Electronics Corp. believes that, with the updating of RBA code of conduct and sustainability indicators, we will continuously improve our internal management system, convey the awareness of sustainable development to our supply chain partners, and strengthen enterprise risk management and resilience jointly with upstream and downstream enterprises, which will gain global customers' recognition and more sustainable business opportunities.