In response to the government’s green consumption policy, Phison actively promotes green purchasing thinking within the company. In addition to the printed materials, photocopying equipment, and various lamps required for daily office work, having environmental protection labels is also the primary consideration when purchasing various information products such as servers, monitors, etc. In addition, we strengthen our colleagues' recognition of green consumption through irregular publicity and education courses. By implementing the six basic principles of green consumption as the goal (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Economic, Ecological and Equitable), we hope to reduce the impact of purchased products on the ecological environment.

For the first time, Phison participated in the green procurement activities organized by the Ministry of Environment and the Environmental Protection Bureau of Miaoli County Government, and was awarded the "2022 Outstanding Green Procurement Units of Private Enterprises and Groups"(Awarded in 2023) with a performance of NT$100 million, which is far better than the recognition standards set by the Ministry of Environment and Miaoli County, demonstrating Phison's cooperation and support for green procurement. In the future, we will continue to expand environmental protection concepts in the procurement process to drive the development of green consumption and related industries.