The profit of 2019 was splendid. Thus, due to the rapid growth, the company launched the construction project to add the 5th factory in Miaoli with NTD 14 billion investment amount. The construction project is scheduled to finish in December, 2021 and be launched in the beginning of 2022. The company will ensure and comply with every environment and safety during the construction time.

Bring the Green Concept in Construction to Protect the Environment

Facing the global climate change, Phison Electronics Corp. is responsible for the corporate responsibility in ecology and environment. Therefore, during the construction project of 5th factory in Miaoli, the company proactively brought the concept of green building materials, and applied the EEWH system (Ecology, Energy Saving, Waste Reduction, Health System) for the propose of carbon reduction.

Thus, in the excavating area of construction site, the dust screen is used for the purpose of decreasing the blown dust. Also, the contractor spreads the water of outside road, and clean every huge automobile by car washing machine in order to reduce the indirect pollution caused by construction vehicle.

Supervise the Construction Project to Ensure the Safety

In order to reach the goal of zero industrial disaster during the construction project, the company corporates with the contractor to conduct the safety evaluation, discusses every risk element and proposes feasible precautions.

Moreover, for ensuring the good quality of environment, we have conducted the precaution which is prior to the local laws. The construction machine with low noise is adopted. Also, the water, air, and waste are all managed for reducing the environmental impact.

Beside, for the purpose of enhancing quality and effectiveness, the labor-friendly facility is set. And, according to the progress, the training and meeting will be held to prevent from error and rework.