Phison has participated in the Global Corporate Sustainability Assessment(CSA) led by S&P Global, an international sustainability rating agency, for many years in a row. Following 2023, we were once again selected as a member of the "2024 Sustainability Yearbook" this year, representing the recognition for our continuous efforts in ESG. In the future, Phison will continue to improve various sustainable projects, focus on the impact that the technology industry can bring, and create sustainable shared value.

Note: The Global Sustainability Yearbook is one of the most indicative ESG publications in the world. The "2024 Sustainability Yearbook" is based on the 2023 CSA score and comprehensively scores the three major aspects of environment, society, and governance and economy. Taking the evaluation of the semiconductor and semiconductor equipment industry as an example, the environmental dimension accounted for 33% of the scores, the social dimension accounted for 24%, and the governance and economic dimension accounted for 43%. Finally, 19 of the 216 evaluated semiconductor companies in the world were selected to be included in the "2024 Sustainability Yearbook".